2 thoughts on “Lijiang”

  1. Lesley Clark says:

    How beautiful, from the orange lantern lit streets, the houses leaning over towards each other, reflections caught in water, and fantastic looking food. You seem to have found and also convey the essence of old and new China. Such variety and lovely looking people. Until your photos I’d thought I wasn’t bothered about going and now I very definitely want to!

    1. robin says:

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments as always : ) We’ve really enjoyed the contrast between old and new throughout our time here. It’s definitely a country which is marching forward at an amazing pace unlike anything we’ve come across but the Chinese equally cherish their history and thier cultural treasures. Why don’t you book a flight to Japan (wink wink) we’ll be there from the 23rd. Niamh (&Robin) xxx

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